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Looking for a career in Healthcare? Have you considered becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician? Becoming a pharmacy technician can be a rewarding first step into the healthcare field, offering valuable experience, career opportunities, and a pathway to further professional development.


Hesston Pharmacy has an immediate opening for a Part-Time Pharmacy Technician Intern. No experience necessary. We offer an on-the-job training program and will guide you through the steps to earn your national certification. This is an ideal position for a high school or college student looking for healthcare experience or an adult looking for an exciting new career. 


The skills acquired as a pharmacy technician, such as attention to detail, communication skills, and proficiency in medical terminology, are transferable to every other healthcare role and even to other industries. This means that individuals who start as pharmacy technicians have flexibility in their career paths.  In the past we have trained students that go on to become Advanced CPhTs, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists, Teachers, Engineers and more! 


Interested in an exciting opportunity to advance your skills? Click here to apply today: 

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